Software Testing Service

  • When it comes to software testing there is no one like Reno technology. Manual testing or automated, we have the expertise of both! With over 1,00,000 man-hours of experience, years of practice as well as theoretical experience and professionals with a root level of understanding of software, we are best at what we do.

  • Superior Quality
  • 99% defect-free software delivered.
    80% reduction in production defects.
    Improved productivity.

  • Faster Cycle Time
  • Quick ramp-up and effective knowledge management via reusable artefacts / proven framework
    Improved efficiency and productivity.


Application Development

Application development is a dynamic and complex process. To create opportunities for competitive advantage, business leaders must align with an application development services partner that provides innovative solutions and expertise required to drive successful results.

With their years of experience and proven methodologies, RenoTechnology offers intelligent solutions for strategic business processes. Our team of architects, technical consultants, domain experts, and project managers is at your disposal to provide you with exclusive and consistent services. At Reno, we make sure to help you develop innovative modern applications with improved quality.

The Reno conducts all its application development procedures in strict adherence to the processes defined by SEI-CMMI for application development. All our processes are clear and well-defined due to which we are able to deliver quality products to our clients. Reno deploys various approaches and delivery models for developing and delivering applications on a fixed-time, fixed-cost basis.

Technologies We Use:

PHP, React Native,Angular

SEO Service

SEO actually helps a business grow - provided the techniques adopted are effective and the design is simple and attractive. Reno provides the best support for such creative designing, thereby making the sites interesting and increasing the traffic. Websites need to be built in the best effective way possible for SEO. Relevant keywords need to be put in so that the site can feature high on the SEO searches. All these lead to better trafficking of clients, faster growth graphs, better profit and strong impressions, team at Reno plans out the strategies smartly and comes up with innovations, We assures of.